Adam Ruins Everything – Our Overuse of SWAT Teams Makes Us Less Safe | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – Our Overuse of SWAT Teams Makes Us Less Safe | truTV

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Man, SWAT teams
are badass. Yeah, movies and TV
sure make ’em seem cool. They’re always busting
drug lords and freeing hostages. Hell yeah! But in reality, they’re hardly ever
used that way. Most SWAT deployments
are far more aggressive than the situation calls for. And that’s not good for the public
or the police. SWAT teams were introduced
in the 1960s to deal with extreme crises like hostage situations
and prison escapes. It’s a hostage situation
slash prison escape! Thank God we’re here. But today, these types
of situations only account for
7% of SWAT deployments. Instead, they spend
most of their time executing warrants for
routine drug searches. Freeze!
We’ve got a warrant! We are looking for literally
any amount of pot. Uh, okay, but have you
heard of knocking? ♪♪ Well, isn’t it better
than plain-clothes cops don’t have to face off
with drug lords unarmed? Oh, it’s not like
they’re taking down deadly drug cartels. Around two-thirds
of SWAT raids don’t even uncover
a weapon at the scene. We’re not finding
any weapons, Sarge. Ah, that’s typical.
But keep your guns in these people’s faces
just in case. And four out of ten SWAT raids turn up no contraband
whatsoever. (chuckling) Drugs in the freezer. Baking soda! Damnit! (family gasping) No wonder this place
smells so fresh. Okay, so maybe not every
SWAT raid finds something. But I’m sure the warrants
are justified. It’s not like
they’re just busting down anyone’s door
without cause. Actually, it is so easy to get a SWAT team
to raid a house, it’s even become a fad
to call SWAT teams on innocent people
as a sick, twisted prank. It’s called “SWAT-ing”, and it happens
over 400 times a year. Our tipster said
this was a hideout for the notorious terrorist
Seymour Butts. Keep searchin’, team. That’s not funny.
People could get hurt. And they do. People have died
from SWAT-ing. And maybe that’s because when the SWAT team
gets a call, they storm in, often in the middle
of the night, smashing doors and windows. Sometimes shooting
or throwing grenades, and putting innocent
bystanders at risk. (teddy bear squeaking) Teddy, no! (Dominic)
Oh my God, stop! Sometimes they don’t even
get the right apartment. In 2003, New York City’s
chief of police estimated that 10% of no-knock
SWAT raids go to the wrong address. Oh, crap.
This is apartment 3. We’re supposed to be
in apartment 3A. Sorry, folks. (picture crashing) What the hell, dude? If SWAT teams do
this much damage and we don’t even
need them that often, why do we use them
so much? Because for the past 30 years, there’s been
a deliberate effort to increasingly militarize
our police forces. Since the 1980s, the US government
has encouraged police departments
across the country to behave more like
military units than local PD. It started
with the War on Drugs when they began giving out
extra cash to police precincts that agreed to crack down
on drug crimes. I want you to help wage a discriminatory,
ineffective drug war. Ehh… There’s free money in it. Ooh! (cash register dings) And in the ’90s,
they started handing out more than just cash. They also gave away
used military equipment. Say “hello”
to my little friends. (Adam)
At the height of these
programs post-9/11, police precincts were receiving
billions of dollars worth of military-grade equipment,
including grenade launchers, helicopters,
and mine-resistant vehicles. Mine-resistant vehicles? Since when are cops
getting blown up by land mines? Yeah, they’re not. But that hasn’t stopped
the government from dishing ’em out
to precincts like candy. Today, 90% of American towns with populations
of 50,000 or more have fully militarized
SWAT teams. And to justify
their existence, we’re using SWAT more than ever. We got all this
money and equipment
to go after drugs, so use it or lose it,
right? (Adam)
Before the 1980s, there were only 3,000
SWAT deployments a year. But by 2014,
some estimates say there were as many
as 80,000. And it’s way more
than just SWAT teams.

100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – Our Overuse of SWAT Teams Makes Us Less Safe | truTV

  1. I took a criminal justice class in college and the professor asked who is the most powerful in the law enforcement field, everyone guessed the supreme court, attorney general, prosecutor D.A. He said no to all of them it was the patrol officer because he could take your life without trial or due process and he just has to write the report

  2. When you realize this show is just liberal propaganda. There’s so many videos about this show being debunked and misusing sources constantly.

  3. In conclusion: the code of conduct in SWAT raids need to be updated because of hooligans making prank calls and possible misinformation.
    Side note: if the call was purposely prank, fine the sucker that called for reparations. If they're not using a stolen phone or something anyway.

  4. I dont live in the US, but i do think that the police force should have good Equipment to not only protect themselves but also civilians, i mean mine resistent vehicles not only protect against mines, they are also pretty bulletproof, and making custom vehicles for the police costs way more than just reusing military vehicles that they very rarely use, and grenade launchers arent used for actual grenades but for tear gas and maybe flashbangs, but i do agree that those SWAT raids are a bit much

  5. Wow! This is a lot of disinformation that helps who? Maybe scumbag beto? If you live an honest, trying person, this garbage is irrelevant. Adam, thanks for being a antagonist. Get a haircut and get a real job!

  6. This overuse of ignorance makes people more stupid. If you believe anything this idiot says you should take a long deep breath under water

  7. Soviet womble already said , we now learned that the US have no chill .. stole a lousy truck? send in 4million dollar drone strike!!

  8. The problem isn't necessary the SWAT teams themselves; it's our own idiotic citizens! If you are that stupid to use SWAT teams as a prank, you should be incarcerated! How many innocent people have died because of this?

  9. the militarization of police isn't a bad thing… if it's only to insure the safety of our police and everything about this video is so heavily biased against police wtf

  10. The thing about the military equipment is because they are no longer commissioned by the military but can have use by the police force such as mine vehicles which are unsurprisingly bullet resistant, can be useful if in america there are these somewhat common gun based attacks, military vests stop bullets pretty useful in these gun based homicides and grenade launchers used for tear gas or non lethal bean bags. Not grenades because obviously not. Adam portrays these equipment like the functions for the military and police are the same. I'm english and even I can see the use for the equipment, the funding may be too high but this equipment can save your officers and civilians lives if used correctly.

  11. Remember the movie "Escape from New York" where it was predicted that in the near future the police would be "more like an army"? John Carpenter nailed it!

  12. Why does these episodes end so… adrubtly? And sometimes on a bad or even morbid note. I get Adam is supposed to be unfunny but not this dark. Damn

  13. I cant wait til the swat teams bust down the doors of communist meetings then replace the commies with illegal immigrants at their jobs while the commies take their place at the "detention centers" OMFG that would be great!

  14. Now let's tie this into the current political arguments what happens when you combine heavily militarized police and red flag laws to tale guns away….

  15. I'd love to see out officers be just like the UK police. Most unarmed and very peaceful. It's kinda hard to see someone as friendly when they could pull a gun at any moment.

  16. I have heard in cases when SWAT enter a house/appartement shooting killing the people inside… like shoot first and ask later!

  17. Well I guess this video was too shut everyone up that complained the previous ones didn't have enough of facts about why they are dangerous and overused

  18. There was one case where the person who was swat-ed, which wasn’t even the intended target but a false address, where they were told just the right things where walking out with his hands in the air with a lighter got him killed

  19. I'm reminded of Batman: Year 1, and how the SWAT team were among the villains; felt unusual to me, but I knew there was a reason for it.

  20. Have you ever thought about terrorist an in a case that we are invaded police can form a resistance with our troops and have you seen what antifa dose they are domestic terrorists.

  21. Have you considered that your biased approach to depicting SWAT as incompetent, racist murders is potentially threatening to law enforcement? I am all for discussing reform and change, but to display a crew of mostly white law enforcement officers bursting into a home owned by an African-American family having dinner — not to mention the hijab — is irresponsible. You are fueling a fire of division. Republican or Democrat, Pro-gun or Pro-gun reform, I don't care. Help the discussion, not the divide. Show both sides of the debate or take this video down. Be a responsible conversation starter.

  22. Idk how I feel about this one. On one hand, sure, swat teams can absolutely be overused. But there are a lot of things that are misleading about this. One one hand, I’ve never heard of swat teams who use grenades. Flashbangs sure, not grenades. And the grenade launchers they receive are generally used for non lethal Gas. Secondly the comment about cops not getting blown up is generally true, but what about the Chelsea bomber? The Boston bomber? The World Trade Center bombings? Explosive materials are dealt with all the time by police. And mine resistant also means bullet resistant. How many times will a swat team be called out to a shots fired call? Overall the message of the video was great, the overuse of swat teams is certainly a problem. But some of the facts seem not to have been presented as well as they could’ve.

  23. Cops don’t use armored vehicles for them being “mine resistant” it’s used in hostage situations and actually saved a young boys life in a police chase.

  24. The “grenade launchers” are used to fire tear gas canisters into riots and are used as a less than lethal with rubber rounds instead of shooting suspects with real bullets. The “militarization”of police isn’t all that bad

  25. So this is basically I hate America video. Who the hell puts there backing soda in the freezer. While swating is a thing, where did you get your information from when it comes to how often swating happens? You do know it has actually gone down since there have been so many false reports. It's also a federal offense to do so, but you didn't mention that.

  26. Adam ruins everything is SUPER biased and honestly you can only trust half of the information that they give to you

  27. All this video did is prove that the SWAT teams are very useful.. 4/10 reveal nothing? Then 6/10 do, that's a success in anyone's book. Adam is such a bellend.

  28. I think it's important to mention that majority of the cases where swatting occurs, the caller notifies of a deadly situation (ie bomb threat, hostage), that warrants a quick, aggressive response. It is an "all or nothing" situation. If they treat all calls where a deadly situation is notified with an aggressive response, then innocents may get hurt. However, treating all calls where a deadly situation is notified with a passive response can have the same effect. Of course the officers can take precautions, however i believe that you needed to stress two things
    – That SWAT officers are not to blame in swatting incidents
    – Officer perspective

    EDIT: Also they aren't grenade launchers. They fire tear gas canisters or less than lethal rubber bullets

  29. 4:16 Most shows: Make graphs look like they show a 200% increase while the number was actually 20%
    Adam ruins everything: Makes the graph show a 100% increase while its actually more like 2,600%

  30. 3:31 Grenade launcher would be correct yet they would shoot 40mm non-lethal round used to hit a suspect and make them drop not an explosive grenade:

  31. The problem is "mission creep". SWAT teams were initially created to respond to extreme situations, like massive riots and hostage situations. Over the years, they've been tasked with responding to less extreme situations, but with the same heavy equipment. Add to that no-knock raids and you have a recipe for disaster.

    Of course, this mission creep wasn't about safety. It was about getting votes for politicians and cash for police departments.

  32. Yay republicans fake drug wars used to discriminate against brown people and politically terrorize their opponents all to steal the civil right the guys who scream about the 2nd amendment but leave the part about well regulated militia pretend to care about

  33. Anyone willing to hear from the cops point of view search Donut Operator and look at his video about the supposed "militarization of police"

  34. Wow, great to know that you don't think a call should warrant police to arrive. This is why I have an AR 15 that you don't think I should have. Sounds like you just want me dead.

    Wait, so you thibk SWAT should just nicely come in through a door of someone suspected of being a drug dealer that has access to expensive weapons? You would die.

    10% errors? That sounds amazingly low. If only Adam's facts had that low of an error. This show would actually be correct a few times.

    Yeah, I want them breaking down doors of drug dealers and not giving them a chance to run or grab a gun. Dang Adam, you really don't care about America. But have fun spreading your hate propoganda for Cops.

    I also love that you remove blame from the swatters and place it on the cops. Victim blaming is wonderful.

    I LOVE that you called it a grenade, showing you have no real knowledge. Its a flash bang. Not deadly, only meant to distract and confuse. But good try fear mongering.

  35. we should do more terrorist attacks, lighten up the SWAT teams for getting to do something they were prepared(?) to do. Give them some happiness before succumbing to boredom and retiring with no actual action. – Osama Bin Laden

    Just put that as subtitles on Osama Bin Laden's speech where he doesn't use English(idk if he can understand it).

  36. People want the Government to always keep them safe and yet cry and make SWATS seem as the problem even though SWAT-ing is the cause of immature and careless civilians?

  37. Lmao this is such an over exaggeration 😂
    I wonder why Adam never mentioned that crime is now it’s lowest in the U.S since the 1960s….we should be very thankful for our police

  38. remember when movies and tv shows are like " we need to get that warrant from judge!!! " "ughhh, we will never get it on time!! "

  39. Haven’t watched Adam for a long time and today right after i lost a 5 star level in GTA and decided to take a break I watch this. Is content tailored to minds now?

  40. hmmm i notice adam didn't say how the grenade launchers the swat teams used are for tear gas only or the story about the dude that had 100+ mines on his land around his house and that swat team members lost there life to said mines and 4 out of 10 swat runs turning up nothing still means 60% of the time swat is finding illegal drugs or weapons. oh and in texas along the border towns swat is used to raid drug houses that have tunnel the going from the U.S to mexico that drug cartels use to move money,drug and guns back and forth across the border. this show has started using selective information. they give only the info that pushes what they want. they leave out info that counters what they are saying.

  41. You make it sound worse than it is, mine resistant? Yeah thats true, but the grenade launchers use non lethal tear gas rounds and bean bag rounds. Also “needlessly” pointing guns is just protocol, so for the love of whatever don’t try to screw the image of the men and women who serve you.

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