2 thoughts on “Authorities give update on deadly motorcycle crash in Randolph

  1. If theres one death or seven its no more or less a tragedy. What makes one person's life any more important then another's? The media is disgusting when it comes to glorifying tragic moments. You can hear it in the voice of every single reporter covering this story. They thrive on this kind of thing and they are thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of such a sad event. All members of the media should be ashamed of themselves. If your family member was one of the dead you wouldn't be smearing on the make up and so anxious to get in front of the camera. You're all a bunch of slime balls!

  2. My heart goes out to all involved, I wish I could help in some way; heartbreaking. If I were able to send you my heart… absorb any fraction of pain for you, I would. My thoughts are with you.

    My empathy and gratitude to the first responders, bystanders. My condolences, and hope for

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