Brexit Election?  What About Yemen…

Brexit Election? What About Yemen…

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Its incredibly frustrating for me when people
keep calling it the Brexit election. I’m like, you think about, what’s the
worst things that the British state is doing right now? The worst is climate change, and its almost in a different category altogether, not dealing
with climate change is just a death sentence for…for…you know, for millions,
and Britain’s role in that is important, we can talk about that in a minute perhaps. The second one is Yemen. So when you look at what’s happening
in Yemen, Saudi-lead intervention in the Yemeni civil war, in 2015, now
being going on for four and a half years – that war in terms of the Saudi intervention, its largely aerial bombing, from the Saudi
point of view, and half the Saudi Air Force is made up of British jets, British supplied fighter jets, sold…um… most of the ones that are being used now
sold by New Labour, well done New Labour, and that deal was actually signed by the great humanitarian Gordon Brown. Well those…that fleet of jets is now pulverising Yemeni civilians, and has been for the past
four and a half years, and well documented by the, you know, some people will be familiar
with this but I think its worth saying cos we hardly ever talk about it, for people who
don’t know…um… well documented by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the UN, Save the Children, Oxfam, you can read all the reports, there’s no, you know, debate
about this, Saudis have been hitting schools,
hitting hospitals, hitting clinics when they’ve been given the co-ordinates, “don’t bomb this clinic please, here are the co-ordinates”, they’ll bomb it twice, they’ll bomb it once, and
they’ll wait for the first responders to come and they’ll hit it again, so its quite deliberate. Hitting all kinds of civilian
infrastructure, targeting civilian infrastructure as far as I can make out, they’ll deny it,
the British government will deny it, but it seems clear to me that’s what they’re
doing, imposing a blockade on Yemen, so they’ve killed like…I mean, they’ve killed thousands
of people through indiscriminate bombing, the largest cause of violent death in the
war is Saudi bombing, and…yeah, just to, just to focus on the bombing before going
on to the blockade – those planes don’t fly without British support. Cos what the
deal is – we sell them the jets, and in the contract there’s a commitment to carry
on providing, whenever they need it, the bombs, the missiles, the components, the training
for the pilots, the maintenance, there’s British crews on the ground keeping the planes
in the sky – those planes don’t fly, those bombs and missiles
don’t fall without British support, and American support for that component of
the Saudi Air Force that’s American. But the British side, the British
component of the Saudi Air Force is big, I know like, you know, we’re a much smaller
power compared to the Americans, but British fighter jets make up a
big proportion of the Saudi Air Force to the point where some people involved
have said, anonymously to Channel 4 News when they did a Dispatches documentary about this,
it wouldn’t just, if the British withdrew support for the Saudi bombing it wouldn’t just ground the
British supplied jets, which would be huge, they’d struggle to fight the war full stop,
because the British jets are so important. So the British state is acting as
an accessory to mass murder, to indiscriminate bombing which has killed
thousands of civilians that, you know, they dropped a laser guided bomb on a school bus in August 2018, killing 40 primary school age boys – British government is an accessory to this campaign
of mass murder and has been for four and a half years, in addition to which, the Saudis and the UAE are imposing a blockade on the region’s poorest country, and you know what happens when you impose a blockade on the region’s poorest country which is import-dependent, what happens is people start dying in large numbers due to the humanitarian crisis that’s been created, so 85,000 infant children – forget about the casualties in children above the
age of 5 and adults – just infant children, 85,000 infant children dead of starvation
or preventable disease, as a result of a man-made humanitarian catastrophe, in which the leading culprit is our ally,
doing this with our help. Really, really serious. And in terms of the election campaign,
you have a very straightforward choice between a Conservative party, which
has been enabling this for four and a half years, which is, in government, an accessory
to mass murder, just a straight- its not rhetoric, you know, its just a straightforward statement
of fact, and a Labour government, a potential Labour government which is
committed to withdrawing that support which will ground half the Saudi Air Force at a stroke, and undermine their ability to fight that war, which would literally save lives from day one. You know, it would stop aerial bombing within a fort…within a week and half apparently. So that’s a huge, huge um, that’s a
huge dividing line, you know? If people wanna boil the election
down to one issue, I mean, boil it down to climate change, but if you wanna boil it down
to two issues, boil it down to that, don’t boil it down to – I mean Brexit’s important
but come on, is Yemen less important? 85,000 infant children less important?

20 thoughts on “Brexit Election? What About Yemen…

  1. If Labour loses this election, I urge my British Comrades to start considering more radical tactics. Agitate, Organise, invigorate the mass line and propagandise when possible

  2. Yemen is less important to British people though, because they see Arabs as lesser and not as equals. That’s why Iraq happened and New Labour still got re-elected after the invasion. We can thank the legacy of British imperialism for this

  3. Not sure why you think Yemen as anything to do with us.

    And we won't solve man made climate change.

    Democracy in the UK depends on delivering Brexit and the only party that can win that wants to deliver it is the Conservative party.

  4. Why is Novara Media not covering Julian Assange? I understand why the MSM isn't but I just expected that Novara would, so why not? 🤔

  5. I think Jeremy would be shocked at how things really are, Regarding the election more English Election English Ignornace amazes me it really does so many contradictions If These Same English Moan When independent and in the MIDDLE OF EU BORDERS God will Send Them Away not save them, Regarding inter Islam conflict I believe in Natures Order,

  6. If it's a BREXIT election; blame the remainiacs! Yemen? None of NGOs mentioned took part in the protests outside the arms fair at London docklands. I know as I as there and was threatened with arrest! No sign of Jeremy Corbyn there either!

  7. Trump is supporting as well this genocide and it should be the main reason for impeachment but well …. democrats are worse warmongers , won't impeach him for war crimes . Bernie and Corbin might stop the empire from killing . And you all free thinkers from integrity initiative don't bast my balls will you?

  8. Loved that Yemen was mentioned. I wish there was more focus on this current government's destructive foreign policy and more POC on the channel. I don't think I have ever seen black women/men on Novara Media which is a shame. Kelechi Okafor, Chante Jay, Paula Akpan, Stephanie Yeboah and many more would be great and provide interesting insight!

  9. Doesnt the UK and Saudi Arabia support the legitimate government against Iranian backed terrorists. Is this yet another example of the hard left siding with our enemies and International terrorists

  10. Man made climate change? How do you explain all the planets in the solar system getting warmer? State the point in 4.5 BILLION years when climate WASN'T changing!

  11. Mentioned Yemen to one Tory woman once.

    She didn't give a flying fuck. Her retort was something along the lines of "I don't care what happens outside of my country."

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