Honest Government Advert | Corporate Welfare

Honest Government Advert | Corporate Welfare

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Here at the Australian Government we firmly believe in free-market capitalism. (Or as we like to call it, Class Warfare) And the first rule of free-market capitalism is that for the economy to work everyone should stand on
their own two feet and pay their own way…. Or else fuck off and die. You see, if we just handed out a billion dollars
for health or education you people might get the idea you’re entitled to such things – for free! But, of course… if some rich businessman
needs a billion dollars to build a mega coal mine which will wreck what’s left of the Reef… violate Indigenous Peoples’ rights… Deprive farmers of precious ground water… and fuel catastrophic climate change whilst only creating a fraction of the jobs we’d get by investing that same amount in renewables… then of course we’ll give him 1 billion
of our… I mean, *your* tax-payer dollars. Because here at the Australian Government
we firmly believe in free-market capitalism… for you that is! For Adani, there’s Corporate Welfare. Authorised by the Department of Capitalism
for the Poor and Socialism for the Rich.

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Advert | Corporate Welfare

  1. There is far too much welfare being drawn from government budgets, this includes both corporate and the general public. Welfare is for those who cannot make their way in the free market system for numerous reasons, i.e. they cannot be competitive in the jobs market due to health or carer obligations, or they are just too dumb to be effectively trainable for any position.

    Welfare needs be linked to community obligations and not just a handout, things like HECS need to be linked to useful study that prepares people to fulfil a need in the jobs market and not things like gender studies and basket weaving unicorn dance studies (anything that ends in "studies" is generally a self indulgent course of bullshit).

    Unfortunately with corporations having positioned themselves so that they have forced governments around the world to compete with each other by giving out large handouts to get the businesses to establish in those countries. We have a paradigm that would require all or a majority of governments around the world to stop these practices and agree to limit access to their markets to corporations that force governments to step in to attract their business on a one to one basis bypassing general policies and promising special treatment, making a mockery of the "free market" concept.

    If you restrict welfare to those who cannot reach minimum acceptable living standards and limiting it to those minimum acceptable living standards with a reciprocal obligation placed on the recipient to prove that they are contributing back in some way for their "welfare", then we would see government spending go from deficits to surpluses fairly quickly which would reduce the need to tax burden the working population to pay for the excessive welfare states that have been created worldwide.

  2. Great stuff.

    btw, the NSW gov't just announced today they're "helping out" first home buyers by exempting purchases of properties under $650K, reduced it if under $800K.

    You'd think that that's helping homebuyers and the poor. That's what they want you to think. But it's just another welfare cheque to rich investors and property developers.

    House prices will now jump up by that tax break, tax payers will now have less, homebuyers will pay a higher price on the property through a bigger mortgage (with interest)… Investors and developers get to flog off their crap box for more, pocket the profit and pay diddly in taxes.

    Got to admire these kind of switch and bait.

  3. I see you got rid of the lip-syncing and instead recorded the audio live. It's so much better! Thanks!

  4. As far as I know capitalism is just another word for slavery. Free market just means the price for each slave is not set by the government.

  5. Pretty much explains everything… Well played. Will be impossible for the government mouthpiece of Newscorp to counter this.

  6. Since when is a loan corporate welfare? Followed by the capitalist institutions are refusing to loan adani leading to government intervention(socialism) don't get me wrong I'm against the mine.
    Why don't you run for parliament and represent the people?The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men" – Plato so blame yourself

  7. very RUDE but TRUE ………..yeah and that Corporate welfare…………….unbelievable…and when they put out there hand for a handout it's not a Welfare benefit rate it's like Millions that they never pay back……….but wait they expect to have the best of everything while they screw your Country your economy and that sometimes includes not a few of your women / Daughters………..SURE.

  8. Great video, spot on. Does anyone who the performer is? I like her accent. All other videos with her got a voice-over. I think it's her natural voice with this one.

  9. These videos are tremendous. I don't comment on all of them, as I'm just trying to watch through them, but they are all amazing. Great work.

  10. Hmm… a coal mine in the middle of Australia ruining the barrier reef? Also you do know the difference between a loan and a handout??, the government would make money off the loan, and the mine would create jobs as well as strengthening the economy.

  11. It's almost as if letting the government have your money backfires every time. If you guys would just treat taxation as theft, you wouldn't have this problem

  12. This presentation is so heavily socialist that I am not interested in anything of merit that you might have to say. Tell me please, why should I pay for your health insurance or medical bills. I have no relationship with you. Please pay your own way like a responsible person or rely on charities. Taking my money to benefit you is theft.
    Geoff. Reeks

  13. Just remember the aust. Gov. Releases the black budget report on Australia day while your out getting pissed with your mates the gov is telling big business. How they get from the tax office. Deep state, black budget, other tax expenditure. Call what ever you like.

  14. You all DO know your government isn't entirely "Conservative" don't you?
    In other words, real Conservatives wouldn't bail out Corporations, letting them fail is actual capitalism.
    Thus, your government is in fact LEFTIST with these policies, just like it was Leftist with the gun bans/restrictions.
    Fun facts, your "gun death" rates for both suicide and homicide went down the same EXACT rate they were going down for the prior 15 years after your gun ban.
    No place on the planet save War Zones have "gun control/bans" actually reduced "overall death rates". What ends up happening is good people end up dead/harmed instead of the bad guys which then go on to do further harm, for example other crimes generally go up.

  15. You know they do say that true communism can only be practiced amongst intellectuals I guess us plebeians are relegated to free market capitalism though I think I'd choose free market capitalism over the death toll

  16. Aussies deposits at banks are now at risk because when Scott Morrison was treasurer in Feb 2018 he signed off Bill 2018 to make sure at 3.am on the 14th February that honest Aussies deposits can be used to shore up the banks and Aussies will have their money locked should a bank get in trouble and trouble is LOOMING.

  17. Crony-Capitalism.
    Private companies and business people have political leverage and preferential treatment from the government no matter how absurd or damaging their proposals are. Coal mines that will jeopardize the environment, no problem the government says, because politician are on the payroll of billionaires.

  18. Why did the suitcase contain American greenbacks rather than superior Australian notes. I guess stock pictures? I enjoy each new advert even more than the last

  19. Omg guys i love you so much
    and i love your views
    I wish i can make such content here in the middle east to enlighten more people.

  20. If it makes you feel better, "Australien" isn't the only government in the world extending such generous offers of public largesse to these guys 🙂

  21. The vile pukes in the Australian government should be dangling like Mussolini, among cheering crowds! The sooner they are, the sooner the citizens can begin saving their once great country!

  22. These ads are great but nothing will ever change because allmost all the politicians are corrupt and the one that aren't can't do anything because all the others will just vote against any change

  23. jezzus, All of this resonates for the USA as well.
    Really wish TJM would throw in some "We're the American government and bailing out GM and then letting them move jobs to Mexico is just how we give you free market capitalism but give corporations socialism".

  24. Sadly, this seems a fair assessment. While I fully support free market capitalism, I have never been a fan of cronyism. The free market requires a level playing field, while cronyism stacks the deck.

  25. Why would you want to emulate corporate and government corruption? Why be envious of that? Is that Socialism as you call it? I thought they were doing was called cronyism. I know Socialism enables corruption so the sentiment is on point I guess, but I why would you want it?

  26. Wow. I mean this describes the entire world as any country that would take care of its people and has the resources to do it is immediately destroyed. But I love this

  27. Wish there were more Hot Aussie Darlings who had brain's & intelligence to voice their true opinion, in style ! You are one in a million, love your work !

  28. Adani being from India hasn't done anything for us and has just benefited from indian resources .. now going for Australia 2 approval away

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  30. Marijuana & Wild Flowers Against Nuclear Weapons


    No More War October 3, 2018

  31. Great work! Please don't stop. I'm sure you must be disheartened after the election result like a lot of us, but don't give up. Like minded Australians need your satire/truth telling more than ever

  32. This is the perfect expose’ of the lie that what is usually called “free market capitalism” . . . isn’t.

    It is like (here in the USA)! How inspiring! 🤮

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