How to pack a suitcase like a professional organizer

How to pack a suitcase like a professional organizer

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-So I had read Marie’s book
when it first came out, and it really
resonated with me. It changed the way that
I lived within my own home. And so three years ago,
I was trained by Marie Kondo and became the first
certified KonMari consultant based in Washington DC. So the KonMari Method has us separate items
into categories — clothing, then books,
then paper, miscellaneous items, and finally sentimental. And we want to identify each of
the items in those categories and make sure
that you’re picking only the ones
that spark joy for you. The way that I use
the KonMari Method when I’m packing a suitcase
or packing for a trip is that I always start with what
my vision is for the trip — how you want to feel during your
trip, what you want to do. And then make sure that
you’re thoughtfully packing just the items that
are gonna help you do that. So, for instance,
I have to be at meetings. I have to do presentations. And so it’s really important
that I feel good in the clothes that I’m wearing
while I do that. So I want to pick, like,
my favorite shirts, my favorite dress, because I
know anytime I put them on, I’m going to feel better
and stronger about what I’m doing
for the day. So one of the things that
Marie Kondo is known for is her special
folding method. It’s really nice to use
when you’re packing, especially, because it can keep
your clothes wrinkle-free. You want to have a long
rectangle out of anything that you’re folding,
so keeping the front side of the item sort of
on the ground or towards you,
you just tuck in everything. So bring over one arm
and then the second arm. Then once you do that,
from the bottom, you want to bring it almost
all the way up to the top. And then you’re going to
fold things in thirds. So you bring this up and then
tuck over the top. And what you wind up with is
a cute little packet like this. For me, while I’m packing, I like to use
this nice-size container. And so I’m just gonna start
folding each of the items, and then I’ll keep them
standing up like this. So the toiletries I have —
same sort of idea. I try to keep them separated
in different containers so that I know what’s where. In the smaller one,
I keep all of my liquids so that’s really easy
to pull out if anyone at an airport
needs to check it. And in the slightly larger one, I keep items
that don’t have liquids, so, like, dry shampoo,
a sheet mask. And, again, one other thing
about the KonMari Method is to reuse items that you have
in new and joyful ways. So, like, I got this pouch
at an event that I went to for a club
that I’m in, and it makes me really happy and I think back to the memories
of that weekend when I use it. And so I’m gonna repurpose it,
and now it’s my snack bag. So probably the weirdest item that I like to travel
with are my crystals. I know that some people
might not think of this as an important item,
but I have to say, just knowing that
they’re there makes me feel like I’ve got a piece
of home with me. It makes me think about what is
the importance of what I’m doing and how I can bring my best self
to the work that I’m doing in my trips. Some people get overwhelmed
by the Method and the idea of touching
everything in your home. I think that if you want to
just do a couple small things, maybe just pick one category
of items that you use a lot
when you’re traveling. You could start
with your toiletries and just collect
all of the items that you have in your bathroom and then just look through
and see, like, what you wound up with
and set aside and start making your travel
toiletry bag so it’s ready to go
for your next trip. I would say that having applied
the KonMari Method in my life makes most things
in my life faster, especially for packing
because I know that in my closet are only items
that make me feel good.

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  1. I pack like that all the time!!
    Doesn't everybody do it this way? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  2. This video barely teaches anything. And your shoes which carry faeces & all other manner of bacteria, should be packed in its own bag.

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