President Trump Just Gave Big NO’To Gov  Jerry Brown  This Was a Major Project

President Trump Just Gave Big NO’To Gov Jerry Brown This Was a Major Project

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President Trump Just Gave Big �NO� To
Gov. Jerry Brown This Was a Major Project Donald Trump and his administration are of
huge importance for the current California state leadership, but Governor Jerry Brown
and the Representatives in this state already declared war on the federal government. Irrational and unlogical, but Jerry Brown
still pulled the unreal stunt and made California a sanctuary state with his executive order. However, he didn�t predict the aftermath
of such arrogant behavior. Jerry Brown forgot that his state is in a
huge debt and it�s only getting worse because he and his colleagues are not capable of leading
this state into the right direction. Now, Jerry Brown and California need money
to finish the biggest project in California. More expenses� Now, they need Trump. Instead of taking care of the wellbeing of
its citizens, California invested in illegal aliens and how to make their lives more comfortable
in the USA. Associated Press reported about this: The Trump administration said Wednesday that
it will not support a massive water project proposed by California, the latest and most
serious blow for Gov. Jerry Brown�s plan to re-engineer the state�s water system
by building two giant water tunnels. �The Trump administration did not fund the
project and chose to not move forward with it,� Russell Newell, spokesman for the U.S.
Interior Department, said in an email. Asked if that meant the Trump administration
did not support California�s tunnels project, Newell said yes. Last month, an audit found that Interior officials
under the Obama administration improperly spent $84 million in federal taxpayer money
to help California pay for planning for the tunnels. On Tuesday, five California Democrats, including
top opponents of the tunnels, asked the U.S. General Accountability Office to determine
whether those payments were illegal. �The $84 million spent in taxpayers� money
without disclosure to Congress and kept hidden from the public were decisions driven and
executed by the Obama Administration and that team,� Newell said. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke �believes
that using tax dollars wisely and ethically is a big responsibility and is at the heart
of good government.� They deserved this. All leftists who rule California need to understand
that the state depends only on federal funds. Liberals are not good enough to go on their
own because of the selfishness of the owners of the companies and, on the other hand, the
luxurious lives of the establishment full of corruption scandals.Do you support this

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