Tensions continue to rise as Iran breaks 2015 nuclear deal

100 thoughts on “Tensions continue to rise as Iran breaks 2015 nuclear deal

  1. So where is Trump's new Iran deal? Trump never had one and it's impossible now. The world now has no nuclear treaties because of Trump.

  2. Stop trying to tie Trump hands, they have been working on a strategy for 3 years! Stop the propagation of hatred upon the President it does not look good, it;s time to unite!

  3. Democrats is cross that line bout who really cares bout Americans any more . Democrats chosen stand with our enemies instead with our own country

  4. Iran will not attack U.S. and the U.S. will not attack Iran. There will bee a quiet period as Iran leadership decides to negotiate with U.S. again. War is not likely! Iran is in a recession and their economy is 10% down.

  5. In other words, Iran is not changing anything. It's continuing to use the billions that traitorous Democrats gave it to make nuclear weapons.

  6. the dems are way wrong out of control and need to be retired.a bunch of traitors are country has been looking bad ever since congress took office with their hate hate hate watch real americans will rise up against these traitors if they continue down this traitorous road i bet people will bring out weapons to take back our country if need be and also the military will back the people .

  7. This is great for petroleum exporter's . The price of oil is going up and up. Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Iraq and Russia must be loving this (and the rest). They were really hurting under low oil export price's.

  8. Pelosi can say what she wants, but in no way shape or form is the President's Administration foolish enough to fall for her nonsense, and confer with her and her entire Party of Leakers! The Leakers…can't wait for their trials!

  9. We backed out of the Iran deal i didnt vote for Oboma but it was a good deal. Trump is just another neocon lying us into a war. Shame i voted for him believed in him but after this and red flag laws i think ill stay home.

  10. Nancy needs to go back to playing Skeletor instead of continuing her attempted coup. She needs to be arrested along with the rest of the Anti-America socialist that slithered into our government from the left..

  11. Obama got a peace prize, while he was bombing 7 country's simultaneously and Democrats are siding with Iran 🤦‍♂️. Democrats are the demise of the United states

  12. The only reason Trump Killed Soleimani was because he was getting impeached. He had many other options to chose from but decided to go with the most severe to draw attention away from his impeachment. Now he is starting another war which is something he said he did not want to do when he was running for President. He said he wanted our troops home. That is one of the reasons he was even elected. He deserves impeachment. We need a new President. Someone that is truly for the American people and not just somebody who say's it to get elected.

  13. So now we are illegally occupying Iraq and Iran is back on the path of nuclear weapons. Trump really screwed the pooch by letting the Neocons take over his Presidency.

  14. The same 2015 Iran deal Trump withdrew from? You can support you president without supporting escalation with Iran. Hasn't the US. seen enough war? Don't buy into this new regime change rhetoric. This new escalation is only due to the recent turmoil within Iran's government. Strike while they are weak. However, this WILL unite Iranians. The U.S. Military Industrial Complex wants endless war. This has nothing to do with "Democracy" or "Safety" At the very least you should be worried that our President is being influenced by war mongering neo-cons. Ultimately making him look weak. It takes a brave man to go war, it takes a braver man to commit to peace under threat of war.

  15. The Dems are pathetic….. They are willing to allow a known terrorist and his followers to continue their atrocities because they are too afraid of what they may do if we try and stop them….
    Hay Mcfly, by cowering to their threats you are showing them that their terrorism tactics are working…… Wake Up America !
    Draw a line in the sand and tell the entire world what will happen if they cross it…. If they go ahead and chose to cross it the consequences they then suffer will be their own fault.

  16. If democrats would agree what trump did was good as in America’s safety maybe they would win some voters they don’t know how to play there cards to them nothing trump does will ever be good they can’t handle he won

  17. Iran needs to know that it cannot blackmail the world oh, so they don't develop nuclear weapons oh, it's not going to happen on this watch

  18. Fledgling and weak agreements with the nucleus story The International nuclear regulatory agency, fortunately and the agreement, was subject to its like Chamberlain coming back and telling the queen he has a signed document that the Germans are not going to attack, same thing Chamberlain go back in the history

  19. No country is going to receive a hundred and fifty billion dollars from us, when they're lobbing shells and openly declaring war on everyone in the region,

  20. Where has Joe been, the last I heard he had changed parties after many years of service in our nations Democrat Party. I have always respected Joe because he was known as a honorable man with an objective mind. It's why he is respected wherever he's standing. Is he now an INDEPENDENT?

  21. America needs to put America first, because win America's on top and moving in the right direction everybody else makes money to, everybody else makes money that's the way it's supposed to be

  22. Now that i ran knows that something is going to be done, they are not going to do another god dam thing, but cry like a bunch of fools. Talk about what they gonna do.


  24. The democratic media and actors and talk democratic shows . Convince everyone your info is fact by playing clips . And add comedy . Another way to convince non educated voters to follow puppet show tela propter reading talk show and puppet actors. Yup I dont base my voting based on puppet show actors and low rated talk shows

  25. Killing Soleimani does nothing to keep the world safe, we don’t need morr war in the middle east. Where are the arguments or proof that this was needed?

  26. How was Soleimani responsible for hundreds of US deaths? I keep hearing this bland non-specific statement, but no details. He has certainly been responsible for the deaths of thousands of ISIS and Al Qaeda … are these the deaths to which they refer? The US' attack dogs that have almost destroyed Syria? Because I don't know to what else he could refer … It's back to the WMDs and Iraq lying to drum up for the war that "Israel" wants.

  27. A lot of power grab attempts are going on with pelosi. She tries to get more presidential powers to herself, and she tries to get more Senate powers to herself. She needs to be knocked down. I really hope the Republican voters will get out on droves to crash the Dims in the house.

  28. Looks to me that Iran was never really serious about nuclear non-proliferation. Any outrage or perceived slight is an excuse for Iran to produce weapons grade fissile material. Maybe the agreement was never worth the paper it was printed on.

  29. Just so you know it's definitely true that Iranians keep Sending US and Israelli troops byt the hundreds in bodybag for the last 2 decades! Cause they feel threatened next to their homes by nearly 50 american bases at their doors.

    But it is also true that Sunni Saudis sent American people by the thousands to hell River but hey you got a 400B arms deal with them!
    What's an American citizen life worth for the state? well roughly 50M$ arms deal so lets say 5 to 10M$ profit for your corrupted politicians!

  30. You have to be very trusting and a bit misguided to believe Iran ever complied with any part of the 2015 nuclear treaty. John Kerry agreed to the US defending the Iranian nuclear facilities from attack from anyone. Israel and Saudi Arabia being at the top of the list. Shows you how wrong headed Kerry and Obama were to get anything on paper. Things not at all to the benefit of the US. Iran has been catered to and spoiled by democrat diplomacy.

  31. I'm alen Kazemi and BBC news and Tankyo Donald [email protected]# قابل توجه همه خبر گزاری های مختلف سیاسی اجتماعی بزرگ سراسر جهان بخصوص BBC news and NBC news با توجه به گزارشی جهانی که در ایران بوجود آمده و هم اکنون در دنیا درآمد زایی بسیاری از رسانه های خبری جهان هست ولی به غیر از من که گزارشگر ویژه دبیر کل سازمان ملل متحد در کل جهان هستم با توجه به اینکه هیچ منع قانونی برای خبرنگاران جهان در ایران وجود نداشته ولی متاسفانه درین ایام هیچ خبرنگار خارجی را من در ایران ندیدم خبر تا با چشمان خود نبینیم معتبر نیست خبرگزاری همیشه بیطرف و وابسته به هیچ سازمانی نیست به همین دلیل حق استفاده از الفاظ رکیک ترین زشت را ندارد.بند 2از ماده 34 قانون اساسنامه تشکل های سیاسی و اجتماعی دبیر کل سازمان ملل متحد میباشد .مانند واژه تشیع جنازه. یا تشیع پیکر. الفاظ باید توسط سردبیر بررسی و تحلیل شود من خبرنگاری با شهامت به غیراز خودم را در ایران نمیبینم با سپاس فراوان از بزرگترین رباست جمهوری جهان جناب دونالد ترامپ alen Kazemi and BBC [email protected]#

  32. Iran can't 'break' the deal since they never really adhered to it. Iran never allowed the US or the IAEA to inspect ANY of their military bases and the IAEA confirms the agency has not requested access to military sites since the agreement went into effect. Not one country in the Nuclear Deal – including Iran- 'signed' the Nuclear Deal. Iran has never honored any agreements they've been a part of…why would they start now?

  33. Palosi is a disgrace wacked on hate of Trump winning the presidency. Shows how our Government is so disorganized how our citizens are getting step on by these evil dems only care about themselves ! Greed , money , selfish bastards. Cannot pull off the globilist agender. God has his agender putting Donald Trump in the white house. And exposing the evil of men in our Government. Time to wake up on our Lord and Savior who is doing this seperation between the lie and the Truth. Placing His enemies at his feet. Remember with out faith in Jesus you are already been Judged because you did not put your faith in Gods only begotten son. JOHN 3: 16, 21, And God does not lie, it would be impssible for God to lie. Hebrews 6: 18, please Read, Romans 1: 25, 2 Thesalonians 2: 11,

  34. Iran is on a suicide path opening it’s nuclear options but atleast trump didn’t send off a bundle of cash that’ll get used to fund terrorism like Obama kept doing I mean trump acted before Americans died which is what he should have done

  35. Not only can we not trust the democrats to keep this country safe but we can trust that they will spearhead its destruction. The Democratic party is now clearly and without question a hostile force against the US

  36. Iran did not break the nuclear deal, trump broke the deal. You need to start being honest and stop lying to your viewers.

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