THANK YOU from the I AM Ministry!

THANK YOU from the I AM Ministry!

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Thank you so much to all of the beautiful souls who came out in support of our I am interfaith multicultural ministry. What a blessing it was to join together with our Sikh brothers and sisters all those beautiful souls who have become such dear friends of Mile Hi Church. What a blessing it was. We fed over 4,000 people. Meals were given out at Civic Center park and thank you to those of you who took these meals and boxes and walked down 16 Street Mall and Colfax. We sent truckloads to St. Francis Mission and the food banks. What a blessing to be able to celebrate the oneness that we all are and the love that is right here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

80 thoughts on “THANK YOU from the I AM Ministry!

  1. This is ridiculous. Tying turbans on whites and hugging of white women and dishing out free food. In the name of what?

  2. No thank u so much mam..4 appritating our n ours combined way to help them who were in need n those who lost's we humans who pray n God's alyz got a plan..thank him the almighty..pray not the Sikhs but all nation n religion comes togeather 4 not help but just a hand..n the whole world live one religion "Humanity"..n sikhs n other religion goal is "ACHIVED"..

  3. God is one n one is god..he alyz have faith on humanity..let's humanity have faith on God..dsnt matter what shape or out look..god is one n that's what makes us one..I never saw God or glimpse of him..I saw him in a human face,while trying to commit suicide..I'm alive not coz of my God coz the almighty never planned so..if u helped help some1 else..that's almighty…

  4. Wow something really inspiring and wonderful going on here. Haters should take note of this community. Cooperation and love do work.

  5. great great people. i wish people would spend a few minutes just finding out what Sikhs are all about and what they do . i am lucky to have served with Sikhs at my shoulder and called them friend . a real privilege.

  6. I always do my best but my heart always says me to do more however I'm very happy to see you doing this all well done

  7. duniya mai sabse bde religion isai , islam , hindusim nd buddism but sikhs r only about 10 crore all around the world but for me nd all of us sikhs religion is the best religion in the worlds they r truely god gifted community i salute them

  8. There are enough calories and water to sustain 28 billion people, according to Geo-political students. Langar is more than a trophy 🏆🤔 🤔

  9. This is best example of humanity and brotherhood .when different faiths come together for common cause . This makes real faith and religion. Let peace and goodness prevail.

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