Trump on Woman Who Killed Teen: “It Happens”

Trump on Woman Who Killed Teen: “It Happens”

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This is a a sort of, you have to see it to
believe it. Video that is extraordinarily weird. This
horrible thing happened where the wife of an American diplomat named Anne [inaudible]
has been accused of killing a British teenager in a car accident. The teen was on a motorcycle.
It happened near a British military base that’s used by the U S air force. The parents plan
to start a civil action against the woman who is driving the car and the woman immediately
left the country after the incident. Now, as a Diplomat’s wife, she is said to have
diplomatic immunity, but there is a question about that which I’m going to get to a little
bit later. Donald Trump was asked reportedly on a phone call by a British prime minister,
Boris Johnson, about rejecting and [inaudible] immunity so that she would have to go back
to the United Kingdom for, uh, a potentially for a criminal trial. And Donald Trump has
rejected that request. So yesterday he answered questions in front of reporters yesterday
or the day before. He was asked about the entire thing and he
says, listen, we’ve all done it. And the obvious question is, we’ve all done what we’ve all
driven on the wrong side of the road because we’re used to driving in the U S and we were
driving in the UK. We’ve all run someone over with a car and then fled the country claiming
diplomatic immunity. Like what is it that we’ve all done that Donald is talking about?
He brings up the driving on the other side of the road is a difficult as they do in the
U K and that these things can happen and that it’s all, it’s happened to all of us. Take
a listen to this. The woman was driving on the wrong side of
the road and, and that can happen. You know, those are the opposite roads that happens.
I won’t say it ever happened to me, but it did. When you get used to driving on our system
and then you’re all of a sudden in the other system where you’re driving, it happens. You
have to be careful. Very careful. So a young man was killed. The person that was driving
the automobile has diplomatic immunity. We’re going to speak to her very shortly and see
if we can do something where they made it was an accident. It was an act. It was a terrible
accident. I won’t say it ever happened to me, but it
did. Like what? What is he talking about? Did it or didn’t it? I, I truly, I, I’m, I’ve
watched this. It must’ve been 10 times. What is he saying? And even aside from that, the
great empathizer, right? I mean you just, Trump has a way of, when there’s been a tragedy,
his comments just make you feel much better. They make you feel much better about the tragedy.
They make you feel much better about humanity. Yeah. Right now, as far as diplomatic immunity,
I alluded to this earlier, there is a question about the diplomatic immunity that is being
asserted. International lawyer, Mark Stevens is claiming that actually an [inaudible] did
not have diplomatic immunity in the U K because her husband, Jonathan [inaudible] was not
actually on the official diplomatic list. And that by extension, his wife Anne is also
not protected by diplomatic immunity. It’s always a mess. I have no idea what will
ultimately come of this. It’s of course a horrible tragedy and Trump saying we’ve all
done it is about as brutally glib as a response to what is effectively vehicular manslaughter.
So my questions to you are, what the hell is Trump talking about when Trump says we’ve
all done it? What is he saying that we’ve all done when Trump says, I won’t say it ever
happened to me, but it did. What is he saying happened to him? Let me know what you think.
Uh, post a reply. If you’re watching on YouTube, send me a tweet. If you’re on Twitter at D
Pacman, we will take a quick break and be back right after this. I want to talk about
the Ellen George W. Bush thing. I want to talk about Rudy Giuliani going cuckoo for
cocoa puffs during a Fox business interview with Trish Regan and I also have unfortunately
a really kind of depressing voicemail to respond to today, but that may
be, will, will let us discuss an interesting thing, all of that and more coming up right
after this short break

100 thoughts on “Trump on Woman Who Killed Teen: “It Happens”

  1. I see this video and all the others, and the one memory remains the same. When, in the 90s, as a Democrat, Drumph stated on camera, 'If I ran for president I would run as a Republican because they're idiots and believe everything.' It's more infuriating to know that you HAVE to worship a simpleton and sellout just to support your own party. What a disgrace.

  2. Well… I haven't done it.
    It's like I keep saying, Addaral and stupidity are a dangerous combination.
    I'm getting on up in age but I hope I live long enough to see him being hauled off to prison. Trump is a total waist of space and air.

  3. Ok accidents happen. But it's just the way she ran away.
    I think she had a few glasses of wine and caused a crash and panicked and fled the country. Why else would she disappear like that? Obviously she was frightened about a manslaughter trial.

  4. Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small…'- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow re Trump and Sacoolas.
    If we can't send her back, esp. since she has a previous US violation allegedly, take away her driver's license for life. Spread her picture and name around so she is a pariah.

  5. it was because that 19 year old didn't help muuuurca with the Normandy landings during WWII, wasn't it………..

  6. Think he meant it did happen as a matter of fact in this incident ,( driving on the wrong side of the road) then claiming he has never done it because he's beyond reproach sort of thing like the narcissist that he is . He is just so bad at communication he confuses everyone which is also deliberate/handy for him to claim he didn't mean to say something if or when later it is used against him either in court or the media. He reminds me of the wizard of oz the movie ,not the obvious fake behind the curtain wizard but of all 3 of dorothy's friends , the cowardly bone spur lion ,the dimwitted brainless scarecrow and the sociopathic heartless tin man .

  7. The FBI, the CIA, the entire intelligence community, the media, businesses, all patriotic Americans are coming after you, tRump man-baby. Your goose is cooked. There's no escaping life in jail.

  8. The actions taken by the Trump administration since this story broke have caused public outrage over here in Britain. Even seasoned diplomats like Sir Ivor Roberts are calling on the government to take a hard line.

  9. Accidents happen, but you remain accountable. If I was in the states and drove on the left, I'd be accountable. No excuse of 'it happens'. If she is not sent to the UK or voluntarily returns, then the UK should expel diplomats in protest and be damned to 'the special relationship'.

  10. The world is watching very carefully the crimes perpetrated and aided & abetted continually by the trump administration. From the diplomats wife running away after killing a British Citizen whilst resident in the UK to the treachery suffered by the Kurds directly at the hands of trump. His abandonment of Loyal Allies will remain stains on Americas name forever. The World is watching this administration and its crimes both foreign & domestic will not be forgotten.

  11. Fucking diplomatic immunity. A license to break the law if your sn Elite in another country. It's bullshit. There has to be limits.

  12. Donnie You are full of Bullshit. I am from Australia (Left side of the road) and spent 4 Months in Houston without a single accident, driving each Day. Be aware of where you are Idiot.Are you pulling that mushroom again?

  13. "I won't say it ever happened to me but it did". How the fuck can anyone look at this moron and see a single redeeming quality or think he's intelligent? He contradicts himself in the same sentence on a regular basis. What a buffoon. It would be comical if he wasn't in charge of the country

  14. He is saying that rich American white women can do whatever the fuck they like and get away with it. Nobody disputes that it was an accident, however this woman oozes with the Trumpian attitude now infecting America – white privilege. Her behaviour is reprehensible and I hope she gets extradited back to the UK. She killed a young man and his family's future with him , a British court would never have jailed her for a genuine accident but the family deserved answers, was she sober? Was she speeding ? Distracted? Over tired? Or was she suffering from the effects of alfluenza ????

  15. It’s difficult for me to believe that Trump even has a driver’s license. Doesn’t he have chauffeurs that transport him, especially when he’s overseas. I would be surprised if he’d EVER driven a car in Europe. Therefore, I doubt it’s ever happened to him.

  16. I have a good feeling if this was reversed and a British person hit an American kid, Trumpet would be demanding that person to be arrested and tried in court, and of Boris Fucking Johnson refused Trump would be furious, ducking double standards

  17. "It didn't happen to me, but it did."
    Any money says Trump has killed someone before and got away with it. Maybe his limo ran down a homeless person in NYC.

  18. I am so, so sorry for the boy and his family. I feel even worse saying that you won't be able to hold anyone from Trump's administration accountable. Unless the Republicans actually kick him out or Trump turns on the diplomat and his wife, our government isn't going to do shit for anyone but themselves.

    Every vehicle has a dashcam they'll nail this yankeeass CUNT !!
    p.s- 🖕🖕🖕trumpass !!

  20. "Funny" how Trump reminds me of Monty Python's The Amazing Kargol here:

    Kargol: Well, we psychiatrist have found that over 8% of the population will always be mice, I mean, after all, there's something of the mouse in all of us. I mean, how many of us can honestly say that at one time or another he hasn't felt sexually attracted to mice. (linkman looks puzzled) I know I have. I mean, most normal adolescents go through a stage of squeaking two or three times a day. Most youngsters on the other hand, some youngsters are attracted to it by its very illegality. It's like murder – make a thing illegal and it acquires a mystique. (linkman looks increasingly embarrassed) Look at arson – I mean, how many of us can honestly say that at one time or another he hasn't set fire to some great public building? I know I have. (phone on desk rings; the linkman picks it up but does not answer it) The only way to bring the crime figures down is to reduce the number of offenses – get it out in the open – I know I have.

  21. Trump is a vile disgusting piece of shit to just wipe away this teens death and his family intense grief in such a nonchalant manner, piece of shit period.

  22. As a UK citizen having previously travelled to the US on a number of occasions, I can say yes, I have momentarily driven on the wrong side of the road in the states until I instantly corrected myself so I can see what Trump is saying (Jesus just saying that sticks in my throat) But someone has been killed in this instance and a trial must go ahead. If I had hit and killed someone during a momentary lapse I should expect to be investigated and possibly prosecuted whether it was an accident or not. If I had killed a US citizen but then fled the country quoting UK diplomatic immunity you can bet Trump wouldn’t be so understanding. Well, unless I just promised him cash or dirt on Joe Biden that is.

  23. We've all traveled to another country and bashed someone's head in to avenge our dead kid because justice failed us? I didn't but I understand

  24. I agree, it does happen, pedestrians/cyclists are killed all the time, it is always terrible. Whenever someone is killed by your actions deliberate or accidental (unless in the cases of no control over the outcome) you carry responsibility to those affected by your actions.

    What I also don't agree with, is when everyone sensationalizes one story, showering support for one publicized incident, but ignoring all the others.

  25. We Brits have to switch our driving habits, over almost every time we go overseas – it really isn't that difficult, as long as you are a reasonably competent driver.
    I think the worst aspect of this story, apat from the death, is that the woman driving the car specifically told police that she had no intentions to leave the country, and then callously fled bzck to the States. She also hasn't made any sort of public apology to the family of the guy she killed, AFAIK. What a garbage person.

  26. It's not actually a British RAF base, that is just a disguise if you like. It is a US military base (one of many) in the UK which was brokered by a deal not long after WWII. There are quite a lot of them here in the UK and it is where the US carries out most of its missions from in this part of the world.
    The issue with that is this incident has the potential to escalate extraordinarily big to the point where parliament itself takes over the matter and pushes through a motion to cease that existing deal and close all those military bases on British soil (incl. Crown dependencies) to minimise the risk of this happening again if the judicial system is ignored and diplomatic immunity is used recklessly. When it comes to the safety of the public on home soil, that's generally an issue a whole nation will support which I have no doubt is the same elsewhere in the world.

    The irony though is this whole thing would have most likely resulted in a hefty fine and a driving ban because our judicial system is incredibly lenient in counterpart to other places in the world. We don't do capital punishment, lifetime sentences are reserved for the most heinous of crimes and the focus has always been on rehabilitation more so than punishment. In instances where the circumstances are accidental and there is cooperation, that holds a great deal of mitigation when determining court proceedings.

    The sad thing though is that a US citizen has actually invoked diplomatic immunity in the UK of all places in the world. That in itself is highly insulting because it was a tool designed for protection in hostile territory.

  27. Listen, I'm no fan of trump, but in this case I actually think he was pretty clear. Its obvious to me that he was simply offering this woman some sympathy and stating that driving on the wrong side of the road is an easy mistake for an American to make. In the context of his speech, he's clearly saying that he's driven on the wrong side by mistake too. NOT that he's hit or killed someone. This whole situation is tragic, but in grief we often look for someone to blame, when it is possible that no one truly meant harm. He's offering this lady the benefit of the doubt, which is actually a very kind and human thing to do (albeit very out of character for Trump).

    It concerns me to see everyone misinterpreting a pretty obvious statement, in order to find one more thing to dislike about Trump. Let me be clear: there is already PLENTY to dislike about him. But let's stay focused. Let's hold him accountable for things he's actually doing wrong. Let's not get distracted by some arbitrary way he says something, and try to keep our attention on the corruption, racism and bigotry he has already demonstrated.

    (She should, of course, take responsibility for this, and at least try to make things right. But she isnt the devil and neither is Trump just for defending her.)

  28. The Orange One meant he himself, who never drives himself mind you, has driven on wrong side of the road at some point in his life. Trump isn’t going to do a damn thing to make it better for the Country this happened in, and the Parents of the young man killed by the self entitled wife of a person doing unimportant things in the U.K… She then promptly fled back to the U.S.,and is currently in hiding and waiting for the news to blow over just like the President is..

  29. Who the hell knows what he means whenever he opens his mouth…Cogent thought or coherent speech rarely exist separately within him..They have never been used together by him..

  30. Well nothing should surprise us about this total Dimwit, 'shit for brains' US President – Trump has no empathy skills whatsoever. The actual facts and cold reality of this tragedy are sufficiently heart breaking on their own.

    It does not require any glib, hamfisted comments from this total numptie Donald Trump.

    He may consider this tragic event to be an accident, however Anne Sacoolas is very much responsible for this fatal collision, so she must face the consequences after all she is also a parent – how would she feel if the roles were reversed. She is not above the law.

    Harry Dunn's family have been diligently battling alone for the most part, to get some sort of "justice process" in place since this terrible accident occurred in late August and only just now are things beginning to improve for them. It's been a complete and utter farce that they've had to fight to get things moving, with little co-operation from the American authorities.

    This American woman Ann Secoolas clearly has terrible decision making skills to say the least. Firstly she stupidly drives her powerful Volvo XC90 on the Wrong side of the Road, collides with poor Harry Dunn, causing fatal injuries.

    Then a few days later she decides to get on a private plane and cowardly returns to the USA with her family, claiming Diplomatic Immunity. (Despite earlier stating to Northamptonshire Police in UK that she wasn't returning to the USA).

    What a callous, thoughtless, cold hearted, perfidious and despicable excuse for a human being she is.

    And now she is bleating to the media that she is devastated about causing this fatal accident. It's a pity she didn't stick around and help the Northamptonshire Police with their investigation in August instead of scurrying back to America seeking sanctuary.

    Let's hope the Dunn family see that the correct and appropriate justice is swiftly served in memory of their much loved son Harry.

  31. What a Small Vocabulary CLOWN. He makes a SANE Person PUKE. He has been enabled so much by IGNORANT PSYCHOPHANTS that Laugh and Clap at whatever he says, He really believes that Independent Thinkers are aligned with his Nonsense. Jokes on him and his Base.

  32. Everyone chill, he was very obviously referring to mistakingly driving on the wrong side of the road when he said everyone has done it. That being said, he's an idiot, embarrassing and void of empathy. And yeah, he would totally flee the scene after killing someone and do anything to shirk responsibility if it happened

  33. Accidents due to negligence are vehicular manslaughter. This is an open and shut case. Its a nationalistic principle keeping her safe. "Shes a rich american so its ok to kill people due to negligence."

  34. So, of he speaks the truth or is simply tripping on his words, he just said he killed someone. If he lies again, he either killed someone or is laying the groundwork to do so…

  35. "When you get used to driving in our system and you go over, it can be confusing". Correct mr trump. Americas system is almost unique in all developed countries. Including our measuring system. Bout time we change that eh?

  36. Trump has no empathy.
    Can you imagine his reaction if Baron had been run down and killed by a British diplomat who claimed immunity?
    He’s a two faced moronic bigot.

  37. Donald trump is the most disgusting human being on the planet but if you want to know what he is talking about he is talking about driving on the wrong side of the road, not knocking somebody over when you do it just driving on the wrong side of the road.

  38. Fux that lady….but what’s the point in having diplomatic immunity if countries are always going to ask other countries to lift the immunity so the perpetrator can be prosecuted.

    Personally I think instead of immunity they should be prosecuted by their home country.

  39. We must never forget the people who make excuses for this excrement of a person and vote them out as well……..! If not God forbid he will stay ….

  40. Omission of guilt, he's simply saying I won't say I've obstructed justice, because we all have (in his mind) but I did.

  41. America has a long tradition of its 'well connected' citizens acting pretty badly overseas, often without regard for either countries laws. And with the right influence the State Department could pressure vulnerable countries and sometimes allies to not prosecute. Trump and the Radical Regressives need to realize that world doesn't exist anymore. They've alienated most countries and allies exist only in name… most hoping Trump is gone soon so their kids textbooks don't need to be changed. As far as Great Britain is concerned, America is a criminal jerk, always finding ways to be duplicitous, just as they were with the Kurds.
    What is most pertinent is the question: why should any country trust the United States anymore?

  42. The strategy seems simple, and all too effective: How the hell can we hold Trump responsible for anything he says, if it's so rambling, disjointed, and indecipherable that he could be saying almost anything?

  43. Who was that, behind him on the left, that almost broke out laughing? I believe she was drunk and told the police there that she wouldn't leave the country.

  44. I'm surprised that the guys standing behind Trump when he says things like this, always manage to keep a straight face. Either they just shut their ears every time Trump is speaking, or they are robots.

  45. WHAT?! He’s letting that woman get away with murder?! No wonder his supporters like him. If they get in trouble in another country, he has their backs. That is disgusting! If you commit a crime, you answer for it. Plain and simple. I am absolutely disgusted by this and by the way, she didn’t have to drive, did she? She could’ve taken a taxi or something like that.

    I am ashamed to be an American right now. Because I see that the once just system that we had has become a joke. A tool for the rich.

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