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Van Jones: Are you going to run for president
of the United States? I know you won’t, but if you announce on my
show it would be awesome for my ratings. Don’t you guys think she should get me those
ratings? Don’t you think she should? Are you going to run? Tulsi Gabbard: I have decided to run, enjoy
the ratings. I’ll be making a formal announcement that
no one will bother to watch later, now that I’ve spilled the beans here. Tulsi Gabbard is running for president. Who is that, you may ask? Well, she’s a Democratic Congresswoman who
represents the second district of Hawaii. She’s the first Samoan-American and first
Hindu member of congress. She’s an Iraq War veteran. And, she took a political risk to step down
as vice chair of the DNC to endorsed Bernie Sanders in his 2016 run for president. I’m endorsing Bernie Sanders, because I have
the sound judgement and the foresight to know this is how I can win over progressives for
when I run in 2020. Probably because of this, Gabbard is generally
referred to as a progressive by both msm and online. And on numerous issues she does support progressive
policies. She’s pro choice, she opposed TPP, and, very
crucially for me, supported the restoration of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act. She’s also opposed cuts to medicare and social
security, supports universal health care, and protested the Dakota Access Pipeline. But there is more to Tulsi Gabbard than her
recent progressive politics. In this video I will delve into five areas
of potential concern for the presidential candidate, to give at least a partial answer
to this question: Who is she, really? Buh. Buh-buh. Buh-buh. Buh-buh, buh-buuuuuuuuh. For the past seven years, or so, Tulsi Gabbbard
has maintained a generally progressive voting record. But, this has not always been the case. Prior to 2012, she had a culturally conservative
outlook on a number of issues, but most shockingly right wing were her views with regards to
the LGBT community, and… To begin with, let’s be clear about timing. Tulsi Gabbard did not support same-gender
marriage until 2012. That’s just three years before lgbt marriage
was legalized nationwide. Being against same-gender marriage in 2012
is like being against interracial marriage in 1964, when Tulsi’s mixed-race father was
a junior in high school. He also opposed lgbtq+ marriage, by the way,
and aggressively so. He founded anti-lgbt organizations, had an
anti-gay radio show, and made a name for himself in the world of politics by successfully amending
the constitution of Hawaii to reserve marriage to opposite-gender couples. That was in 1998. (Not a gillian years ago.) Now, I personally don’t trust any self-proclaimed
progressive who ever opposed lgbt marriage. The reason is, like vice crimes of all sorts,
it’s a very simple issue to resolve if you believe in personal freedom and are capable
of abstract thought. A simple rule that quickly resolves issues
like this is John Stuart Mill’s Harm Principle,which states… In other words, if it doesn’t hurt anyone
but the person doing it, it shouldn’t be illegal. If someone wants to ingest a yummies, or pay
for hubba-hubba, or marry someone they love, why should anyone unaffected try to interfere? If you think they should, you’re not a progressive. You’re also not a liberal, or a libertarian. The harm principle doesn’t easily solve all
cultural issues. It doesn’t solve oopsie bye-byes or boom-boom
rights, where people on both sides of the issue are potentially trying to protect the
lives and freedoms of people. (Or, in the case of Fetuses, potential people). But you can’t simultaneously support the Harm
Principle and oppose equal rights for lbgtq people. Whenever someone does, you tend to find deep-seeded
bigotry. And, sure enough, Tulsi Gabbard has had some
nasty things to say about the lgbt+ community. In 2004, while testifying against a bill aimed
at legalizing same-stuff civil unions, she said… And that was not the only time she referred
to supporters of lgbt rights as “homer-sectional extremists”. Six months later, she responded to an email
sent to her father by Honolulu Magazine… Around the same period of her life, Gabbard
also worked with an organization called the Alliance for Traditional Marriage (NAMBLA),
which supported backwards nonsense, and called a type of love they don’t like… She would eventually come to renounce her
Neanderthalian activism and apologize to the LGBT community. But, with the way she used to talk about lqbtq
people and their supporters, it’s really hard to be confident that she has genuinely changed
her mind. There’s always the possibility changes of
heart are, in actuality, changes only in political posturing. According to reporter Sanjena Sathian who
profiled Gabbard in 2016… Gabbard herself has expressed a genuine change
of heart on social issues, one that stemmed from her deployment in the area of land formerly
known as Iraq. She apparently came to realize that the socially
conservative views she had previously espoused were uncomfortably close to the theocratic
paternalism she found to be all too prevalent in much of the Middle East. In 2012, when this apparent change of heart
occurred, Gabbard left behind her socially conservative roots and whole-heartily embraced
progressive values. Or, at least that’s the narrative progressives
are to believe. But there are some issues with that story. Long after 2012, for a progressive, she seems
to have continued to enjoy support from some pretty questionable characters. One particularly egregious example is this
barely-human monster: a bigot, bigot, bigot, conspiracy bigot, criminal bigot, former bigotry
leader, attempted presidential loser, and former Republican Louisiana State Representative. In November of 2016, David posted an article
praising Gabbard on his website, and tweeted words of support for the purportedly already
progressive congresswoman, Thankfully, Gabbard
responded to the tweet, admonishing the support… Tulsi obviously can’t be blamed for how she’s
viewed by infamous people, and she clearly denounced it. One wonders what signals she may have put
out to cause such a man to endorse her for such a position, but since she rebuked him
so clearly, it would be unfair to discredit her over this. But Duke isn’t the only public figure reviled
by progressives who have had nice things to say about Gabbard. Back when he was Chief Strategist for Donald
Trump, Steve Bannon apparently loved Tulsi Gabbard. According to an article from the time in the
Hill… Bannon even set up talks between Trump and
Gabbard shortly after the 2016 election, in hopes that she would work with the administration. She didn’t end up getting a job in Trump’s
white house, but there are signs that she kept a sense of allegiance to Bannon. When house Democrats sent a letter to Agent
Orange, protesting his decision to hire Bannon, Tulsi Gabbard was not among the 169 lawmakers
to sign. She also voted in favor of the SAFE Act in
2015, which would have made it nearly impossible for Syrian and Iraqi refugees to find safe
haven in the US. She also introduced a resolution to prioritize
Christian and Yezidi refugees from the region, in a move that echoed the religious minority
exception Trump put into his original refugee ban. Then there’s the Adelsons. You may know Sheldon Adelson as a very handsome
billionaire casino magnate and one of the biggest donors to GOP politicians. He and his wife Miriam were the biggest contributors
to Trump’s 2016 campaign, and spent tens of millions of dollars in 2012 in a failed attempt
to prevent Obama from winning a second term. In 2016, their close friend, Rabbi Shmuley
Boteach awarded Tulsi Gabard his Champion of Freedom award. (Nobel Prize for underachievers) She attended
his gala dinner, where she was photographed with the rabbi and Miriam Adelson. Totally coincidentally, I’m sure, back in
2015, Gabbard had teamed up with Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz to reintroduce a bill banning
online gamblin’. This bill was pushed by the Adelsons, no surprise
since bans on online gamblin’ are widely regarded to be in the direct financial interest of
casino owners, like Sheldon Adelson. (Funny how that worked out.) While her seemingly cosy relationships with
decidedly right wing characters are sure to raise eyebrows amongst progressives, she has
other associate that are even more problematic…. Just imagine what you would think about a
republican who decided to either personally, or through surrogates, secretly meet with
the leader of an adversary country, all while adopting a political agenda that was strangely
favorable to that adversary. (Imagine!) Well, without informing her party’s leadership,
Gabbard took a trip in January of 2017 to meet with Bashar Al Asssad. While she has never been a friend to Syrian
refugees, the victims of Assad’s conflict with rebel groups of various stripes, her
political positions with regards to the bloody civil war has been consistently favorable
to Assad, through two administrations. Gabbard: …I feel so strongly that we need
to leave Bashar ALONE! Now, there is no doubt that it’s perfectly
acceptable to believe the US should not be involved in Syria. I’m against American intervention in the region. But it’s particular difficult to trust a policy
of non-intervention from someone who has personally met with the dictator in secret. Part icularly not when Assad is not the only
vicious leader Gabbard has met with. And while she has denounced Assad on multiple
occasions, she’s lavished praised on other, more than questionable foreign leaders. According to her own website, Tulsi Gabbard
met with Egypt’s President el-Sisi in November of 2015. She said of the strong man… Her website’s press release is still up, and
I’ll leave a link in the description box of this video. It praises el-Sisi and offered not a single
word of critique. According to Human Rights Watch, there are
more than a couple little human rights violations her site might have mentioned… But Gabbard’s relationship with al-Sisi is
nothing compared to the friendship she seems to share with the Hindu nationalist leader
of India… Prior to becoming PM of India, Modi was the
Chief Minister of Gujarat. In 2002, anti-Muslim riots claimed the lives
of more than 1,000 people, including 800 muslims. His state government was widely condemned
for passively supporting the violence, or at the very least, neglecting to do anything
to protect the muslim minority. The US denied him a visa to visit the country
in wake of the violence, and Tulsi Gabbard was among the very few to criticize the US
decision, calling it a “great blunder”. After Modi became prime minister of India,
and the crack down on religious minorities would continue. Here’s what Human Rights watch has to say
about India… Gabbard met with Modi on at least three occasions
between 2014 and 2016, twice in the United States, and once in India. Upon receiving the invitation to meet with
him in his country, she said, So prior to 2012, Gabbard was an anti-lgbt+
activist, but since that time, we are told, she has reformed into the ideal progressive. She supported Bernie Sanders and has push
a wide range progressive policies. But she’s also met with Donald Trump to discuss
a possible position in his administration. She’s been praised by numerous notorious right-wingers,
and she’s had uncomfortably kind words for brutal world leaders. So, you’ll have to forgive me for asking, Who is she, really? DWS: It’s my function as the chair (of the
DNC) to neutrally manage the primary…. LULZ

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