What To Do if You are Arrested or Authorities Want to Question You

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If you discover that you have a warrant or
if you’re wanted for questioning or for some reason the police want to speak with
you, best first thing to do is to call an attorney. What will happen is the attorney can set up
a meeting with the detectives. We’ll bring you in there. The detectives have questions, we know how
to respond. Often I will tell you, just don’t say anything
I’ll take care of the whole process. What will happen then is the police will then
decide if they have enough evidence to charge you. We’ve handled hundreds of cases like this. I’ve been in with clients in interviews
just about in every municipality in St. Louis – and what happens when you go in with an attorney
is you’re treated much more respectfully. The police realize you have a defense and
we know what to do and the process goes much easier for you. And we can help you get through this and get
a result that will make you much more happy than you would if you tried to do it on your
own. I’m Ed Brown. Our phone number is (314) 333-3333. And our website is BrownLawOffice.Com.

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